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we want to actively contribute to the world’s food supply and stimulate vegetable consumption by laying the foundations for healthy and appealing vegetables

Why choose Rijk Zwaan?

Breeding for sustainability

Investing in seed quality

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Catalogue of varieties

Selected for Australian growers

Variety choice is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful crop. Rijk Zwaan seeds are the result of intense breeding programs to ensure quality outcomes for our customers.

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Innovation in research and development

Our seeds form the basis for healthy and appealing vegetables. The world population continues to grow and the demands on food are increasing. This enables us to launch varieties that offer solutions to various challenges in society.

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The importance of eating vegetables

Love My Salad

Our ambition is to increase vegetable consumption

Love My Salad is a social initiative of Rijk Zwaan coordinated by its employees to share the fun, joy and vitality of vegetables and salads.

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