Lettuce should be as easy to use and wash as possible, stay fresh for as long as possible, and taste delicious. Rijk Zwaan has developed a lettuce type that is bred especially to be all these things and more: Salanova®.

Convenient beautiful leaves

Just one cut is enough to separate a mature head of lettuce into lots of baby-sized leaves. The flavour and texture range from the soft, subtle taste of Salanova Butter to the crunchy bite of a Salanova Crisp.

Diverse shapes & textures

The Salanova range comprises 10 different lettuce types; butter, oak, crispy, coral and Batavia (each available in both red and green). A Salanova lettuce has three times more leaves because each leaf is smaller than traditional lettuces. 

Benefits for the whole chain

Salanova lettuce types offer many advantages: 

  • Developed for indoor and outdoor production
  • Suitable for mechanical harvesting, as heads and as loose leaves
  • Diversification in terms of flavour and convenience
  • Exciting new leaf types to add value to the lettuce category
  • Excellent shelf life, as whole head and fresh cut lettuce
  • Time savings thanks to the ‘one cut, ready’ principle and small-sized leaves.
  • Available all year round

Rijk Zwaan supports Salanova with marketing activities and marketing materials, such as a consumer website providing inspiration and tips, and a profile on the social salad network, Love my Salad.

Through a Salanova network of Rijk Zwaan specialists, growers, processing companies and retailers we strengthen consumer awareness about the convenience of Salanova lettuce.

Salanova lettuce varieties

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