About us

Founded in 1987, Rijk Zwaan Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rijk Zwaan, and the number four vegetable seed breeding company in the world.

Rijk Zwaan in Australia

Today Rijk Zwaan Australia has around 80 full time employees and carries out three primary activities:

  • Marketing and sales of vegetable seed
  • Research and development
  • Seed production

Our sales team supports the introduction and sales of high quality vegetable varieties in Australia across all levels of the fresh produce value chain right through to the final consumer.

Rijk Zwaan Australia performs breeding and seed production activities supporting the Northern hemisphere contra-season and we provide selection pressure and testing of varietal performance under Australian conditions.

The growth of Rijk Zwaan Australia is built on long-term relationships that it has formed with customers who we regard as partners. 

Harry Turna

'I could see a vision for Salanova'

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Family Business

Rijk Zwaan is a family owned business; 90% of the ownership is in the hands of three families, one family being that of our founder's nephew. The other 10% is owned by employees through an international employee participation program.

With people at the heart of our business, we believe that this structure creates a stable and secure environment, and allows employees to flourish contributing to the success by creating and developing new varieties.

Rijk Zwaan International

Rijk Zwaan puts people at its centre.

With around 3,600 employees in over 30 different countries it is devoted to developing varieties and services with added value for its partners in the chain.

With seed being at the beginning of the food chain we are aware of the responsibility that this position carries. 

Sue Millar

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Additional information

To learn more about Rijk Zwaan, please watch our company movie "Sharing a healthy future" or visit Rijk Zwaan