Rijk Zwaan’s Blueleaf® varieties give growers more certainty of stronger, healthier plants and a more successful crop.

Stronger plants and longer production

The natural trait of darker leaves was originally identified by Rijk Zwaan breeders and subsequently bred into our range of Lebanese, green slicers and continental cucumbers.

Blueleaf® cucumber varieties have dark, blue-green foliage. These leaves contain more chlorophyll which enables the plant to absorb more light and this converts into more growth and fruiting. The plant is slower to yellow, meaning it remains productive for longer, even in the case of infection with the cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus. Blueleaf® varieties are also better able to withstand viruses, fungi such as Fusarium and mildew and pests such as whitefly and thrips.

Why Blueleaf?

  • Plants absorb more light
  • Efficient transportation of nutrients through the root system results in higher yields and better quality fruit
  • Crops are stronger and more responsive to sudden weather changes
  • Better crop balance
  • Plants will produce over a longer period
  • Strong against pest and disease pressure, offering more sustainable production with less reliance on chemicals
  • Blueleaf® makes growers happier

Steve Natsias, Rijk Zwaan sales representative:

“It’s hard to go past the Blueleaf® trait for crop sustainability and endurance. The fruit traits of Blueleaf® varieties are an improvement compared to non-Blueleaf® varieties. They’re darker, straighter and present better. From a visual perspective, they are superior and growers are happier.”

The range

Now with varieties for every season, Blueleaf® ensures productive plants all year round. See for yourself, view our range of continental, slicer and Lebanese cucumber varieties with Blueleaf®. 


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