Blueleaf and CGMMV

Our range of cucumber varieties with Blueleaf® and Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) resistance gives growers improved reliability in supply.

Steve Natsias, Rijk Zwaan sales representative:

“To have the Blueleaf® trait already bred into our cucumbers, and now with the added benefit of CGMMV, it’s a really good package to offer a grower. The combination of Blueleaf® and CGMMV is added insurance. It certainly gives growers a greater likelihood of achieving a more successful crop.” 

Stronger plants and longer production

Our range of Blueleaf® and CGMMV resistant varieties include:



      The darker green leaves of Blueleaf® varieties absorb more light and nutrients, which means the plants can respond better to stressful situations like temperature fluctuations and pest and pressure disease.

      Why Blueleaf®?

      • Plants absorb more light
      • Efficient transportation of nutrients through the root system results in higher yields and better quality fruit
      • Crops are stronger and more responsive to sudden weather changes
      • Better crop balance
      • Plants will produce over a longer period
      • Strong against pest and disease pressure, offering more sustainable production with less reliance on chemicals
      • Blueleaf® makes growers happier

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      The best defence for your cucumber crop 

      The cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV) is a persistent virus that spreads quickly and easily. A crop that is less susceptible prevents infection. Rijk Zwaan has a range of cucumber varieties, both for heated and unheated environments, many that have a high level of resistance to CGMMV.

      While resistance can never completely stop a disease, CGMMV varieties display few, if any, symptoms on foliage or fruit. The virus also multiplies and spreads a lot slower than in susceptible varieties.

      Practical benefits

      The lack of virus symptoms in cucumber varieties with CGMMV-resistance and the slow spread of the disease offer significant benefits for growers. Compared with the regular susceptible varieties, varieties with CGMMV-resistance normally result in:

      • Higher production
      • Better fruit quality
      • Hygiene is easier to manage
      • Lower disease pressure at re-planting
      • CGMMV-resistant varieties have proven infection rates up to 95% lower than susceptible varieties.
      Blueleaf® cucumbers with CGMMV resistance offers greater insurance for growers