Blueleaf and BonDefense

The Blueleaf and BonDefense traits helps ensure growers achieve higher yields all year round resulting in improved reliability in supply

Stronger plants and longer production

The natural trait of darker leaves was identified by Rijk Zwaan breeders and subsequently bred into our range of Lebanese and long cucumbers. The darker green leaves are a result of higher chlorophyll levels in the plant and this enables Blueleaf varieties to absorb more light and nutrients, meaning the plants respond better to stressful situations like temperature fluctuations and pest and disease pressure.

A Blueleaf variety:

  • absorbs more light and converts this into more growth and fruiting
  • is slower to yellow so the plant remains productive for longer
  • transports nutrients efficiently and effectively to all parts of the plant, improving the production and fruit quality
  • is better able to withstand viruses, fungi such as Fusarium and mildew and pests such as whitefly and thrips
  • are better adapted to Australia’s tough climate.

Now with varieties for every season, Blueleaf ensures productive plants all year round. View our range of long cucumber and mini cucumber Blueleaf varieties. Learn more about Blueleaf

The best defence for your cucumber crop

BonDefense cucumber varieties from Rijk Zwaan have a high level of resistance to Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV), a highly transmissible virus that can have devastating effects on production.

While resistance can never completely stop a disease, BonDefense varieties display few, if any, symptoms on foliage or fruit. The virus also multiplies and spreads a lot slower than in susceptible varieties. This is especially important in longer crops where BonDefense varieties have proven infection rates up to 95% lower than susceptible varieties. View our BonDefense variety and learn more about BonDefense.

Bon defense cucumber crop