Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV) is a persistent and highly transmissible virus with significant effects on production

CGMMV Resistance

BonDefense cucumber varieties from Rijk Zwaan have a high level of resistance to CGMMV.

Whilst resistance can never completely stop a disease, BonDefense varieties display few if any symptoms on foliage or fruit. Additionally the virus multiplies and spreads a lot slower than in susceptible varieties.

This is especially important in longer crops, where BonDefense varieties have proven infection rates up to 95% lower than susceptible varieties.

What does this mean for your crop?

Lower virus pressure and no symptoms mean:

  • Higher production
  • Better quality fruit
  • Hygiene is easier to manage
  • Lower disease pressure at re-planting

The BonDefense Range

As a very important disease, CGMMV is a key focus for Rijk Zwaan's breeders. Whilst most of the commercial BonDefense varieties are better suited to Northern Europe more varieties are with this important resistance are currently in development in Australia.

BonDefense Varieties

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