Bringing more colour to supermarket shelves

We’re shining a spotlight on growers, retailers, traders, and other chain partners to join us – to bring more colour to supermarket shelves and the fresh produce category.

Colourful products, for a colourful life
Entice consumers with a colourful palette of bright, healthy, and inspiring vegetables, including:
• Purple, green, and romanesco cauliflowers
• Bright, snack-size range of vegetable varieties
• Our Sweet Palermo; pointed capsicums, recognised for their sweet flavour and beautiful colours
• Our new eye-catching colourful tomato medley; and
• Salanova - a colourful range of lettuce, each providing hundreds of delicious baby-sized leaves with just one cut!

We are united by a desire to increase vegetable consumption. We are committing to a brighter, sustainable future for our world and the people in it.

Production & Sustainability

We are committed to using new knowledge, research, and technologies to ensure sustainable vegetable production.
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