26 May 2022

Colourful cauliflower

Rijk Zwaan’s striking cauliflowers are appearing on menus and turning heads.

Purple, cream, orange, and green... thanks to our planet’s biodiversity there are plenty of opportunities to develop new appealing vegetable varieties – even in unexpected colours!

Consumers have returned to cauliflower in a big way, thanks to its low carb, high nutrient profile.
Purple, green, and cream Romanesco styles, these innovative varieties create attractive combinations. Bring more colour to supermarket shelves and consumer plates with a brighter range of cauliflower.

Vitaverde green cauliflower

VITAVERDE RZ F1 (26-807)

A lime-green cauliflower, Vitaverde RZ brightens the plate. The vivid green curd is an attractive addition to the cauliflower segment

Lavender RZ purple cauliflower

LAVENDER RZ F1 (26-972)

Lavender RZ is an eye catching purple cauliflower. Its signature colour comes from the same antioxidant found in red cabbage and red wine: anthocyanin. The purple colour extends from the top of the floret down the stem of the floret.

Puntoverde green romanesco cauliflower


Puntoverde is a Romanesco cauliflower with a vivid chartreuse curd. The attractive spiraling patterns grow into mesmerising fractal florets. Puntoverde RZ is just the right addition to the cauliflower segment to expand consumer buying patterns

Expanding the menu

See the full range of cauliflower here, or contact our crop specialist, Stepanie Knight, for variety information specific to your growing conditions: +61 418 397000