01 Mar 2022

Bite-sized and bright

Bite-sized, cherry, and cocktail tomatoes - the many shapes and colors in the snack segment are evolving and attracting attention.

Snack Tomato Medley

Our sweet-tasting and beautifully coloured five-snack tomato medley is an innovative mix of varieties, bred to grow together.

The varieties have subtle but distinct differences in flavour, shape, bite, and texture and have an average fruit weight of 10-15 grams. Not only are they purpose-bred to perform in the same greenhouse environment, but they’re strong against splitting and offer good shelf life.

Introducing our medley varieties:

Blenny RZ

 A consistent and bright lemon yellow colour, Blenny RZ shines both visually and flavour-wise. Part of Rijk Zwaan’s Snack Tomato Medley, purpose bred to perform in a shared environment; Blenny RZ has its own distinct individual flavour and texture with a crunchy bite and sweet flavour.

Gourami RZ

A truly green tomato, Gourami RZ fools the eyes and delights the senses.  Gourami RZ is juicy with a sweet acidic bright flavour.

Chromis RZ

Like a fine wine, the deep burgundy colour of Chromis RZ entices and does not disappoint. Chromis RZ is crunchy and boasts a balanced sweet flavour

Rasbora RZ

Pretty in pink, Rasbora RZ is an elegant addition to the Medley. A subtle sweet flavour and juicy texture, Rasbora reminds us of what tomatoes used to taste like. 

Cypry RZ

Cypry RZ will brighten your day with a vibrant orange colour, and a flavour that tantalises your tastebuds. Cypry RZ surprises with a fantastic lemonade flavour, evoking memories of summer.