26 May 2022

Tropical Sunshine

A sweet yellow watermelon – adding variety and interest to the fresh watermelon segment.

Have you eaten a yellow watermelon? Identical to traditional pink watermelons on the outside, Tropical Sunshine RZ is full of surprises. This yellow watermelon has been through generations of selective crossbreeding for texture, colour, and sweetness, to become the tastiest yellow watermelon in the Australian market. The market is ripe for change, and Tropical Sunshine RZ leads the way.

Sugar baby

Tropical Sunshine RZ is a sugar baby watermelon with dark skin, patterned with broad stripes. The fruit shape is round and very uniform, with an average weight of 5-6 kg. The vibrantly coloured yellow flesh is seedless and has a very high sugar level.

What makes a melon yellow?

Pink watermelons get their signature hue from lycopene, the same antioxidant that makes grapefruits and tomatoes red. Yellow watermelons don’t contain lycopene and don’t take on the same pink colouring. Yellow watermelons can taste a bit sweeter than pink and have a slightly more honey-like flavour.  

Growing yellow melons

Growing Tropical Sunshine is no different to other sugar baby varieties. Tropical Sunshine RZ is very productive with very good fruit setting. This sweet yellow watermelon is recommended for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. For growing information tailored to your conditions, contact Rijk Zwaan Australia’s melon Crop Specialist - Maurice Schiavon on 0413273885.

Yellow watermelon cut in half with dark rind