Crunchy lettuce

Consumers, retailers, processors, and growers are continually searching for something new. In response to this Rijk Zwaan has created a new lettuce type known as Crunchy Lettuce

Crunchy Lettuce

Combining the best characteristics from iceberg and cos lettuce consumer will enjoy 

  • A crunchy bite
  • A sweet taste
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Attractive leaf colour and presentation

Crunchy Lettuce offers many positives to all levels of the production chain from grower to consumer, including;

  • Leaves remaining crunchy even with warm ingredients and acidic dressings
  • Extremely versatile in terms of preparation and uses
  • Suitability to mechanical harvesting, both for heads and as a loose leaf product
  • Suitability to growing hydroponically
  • Extension of the lettuce category and new positioning can earn a premium

Range and applications

The range is rapidly developing to include a variety for all segments in every season in a range of sizes. 

Crunchy Lettuce varieties