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Health and nutrition

Obesity is at an epidemic level in modern western countries where lifestyles have little time for physical activity, and calorie dense yet nutrient poor food is cheap and readily available. At the same time developing nations frequently suffer food shortages and specific chronic micronutrient deficiencies. As a result, fresh produce and the vitamins that it contains play a vital role in a healthy diet, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Promoting consumption of fresh produce
The more fresh produce that people eat the better. That is why Rijk Zwaan is focussed on developing varieties that are appealing and more available. We strive to develop varieties that are nutrient dense and gather information on the health benefits in order to help our partners identify and promote specifically beneficial crops. For eastern parts of Africa we are developing productive varieties from a number of local crops. This helps us to boost the income of local farmers while also stimulating overall vegetable consumption.

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Case study: ‘Peppers with opportunities for smallholders’

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