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A bowl of colourful salad

Health and nutrition

More and more people around the world are suffering from obesity due to a lack of physical exercise combined with an abundance of unhealthy food: a lifestyle problem that is proving difficult to tackle. Yet, at the same time, food shortages persist in developing countries, where many citizens have a specific and chronic micronutrient deficiency. Therefore, vegetables and the vitamins and minerals they contain play an increasingly important role in a healthy diet.

Promoting consumption of fresh produce
The more vegetables people eat, the better. That’s why we are focused on developing tasty and convenient varieties that are readily available. In addition, we gather data on the health benefits of our varieties, which our partners can use when promoting certain vegetables. For eastern parts of Africa we are developing more productive varieties from some local crops helping to boost the income of local farmers and stimulating vegetable consumption.

Case study: ‘Mini cucumbers for healthy snacking’

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