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Hydroponic culture of lettuce

Production and sustainability

The population of the world is increasing at a rapid rate, creating an increased pressure on food production. Readily available arable land and water resources are becoming increasingly scarce and in order to meet demands yields per square metre must increase. Conventional cropping requires the use of fertiliser and crop protection, meanwhile there is increasing attention given by consumers to organic, seasonal, and ‘local for local’ production.

Sustainability in the spotlight
Rijk Zwaan shares the vision of a healthy future for all, and contributes to sustainability of production by developing varieties that yield more, require lower levels of inputs, and minimise the use of crop protection through the introduction of new resistances. Through a close proximity to the industry Rijk Zwaan also helps growers develop best practices in sustainable cultivation techniques, offering a wide range of varieties with superb resistance packages, or specific suitability to organic or hydroponic production.

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Case study: ‘Consumers can grow their own fresh and sustainable lettuce’

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