Endeavour RZ has achieved a strong reputation for its balanced plant habit, firm fruit, improved flavour and quality.

Protected cropping

Vegetables are being produced in cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable ways. According to Protected Cropping Australia, the industry is the fastest growing food-producing sector in Australia, valued at around $1.8 billion at the farm gate per annum.

We support sustainable and innovative production and offer our partners extensive technical expertise and varieties that are resistant to diseases and pests. Through our network of experts all over the world, we are ready to help design your protected cropping program.

Hydroponics is an extremely sustainable and food-safe production method involving the maximum reuse of water and fertilisers and the reduction, and sometimes elimination, of the need for chemicals. Hydroponics is the production of crops in isolation from the soil, either with or without a medium, with their total water and nutrient requirements supplied by the system. Production takes place either in a greenhouse or outdoors.

The sweet spot in the market

Freshwest, a family owned pepper business based in Glenbrook, New Zealand, has found its place in the market with the sweet pointed pepper, Sweet Palermo. Read their story