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Cutting an Internal Red tomato

Quality and consistency

Vegetables and fruit are incredibly diverse, offering a wealth of colours, shapes and sizes. However, within each product the market demands consistency; across the westernised world growers, retailers, and the processing industry all require a uniform product in order to avoid disappointing the final consumer, whilst maximising profitability. Emerging economies give rise to a growing middle class that is able exercise a greater degree of discretionary purchase power, forcing a steady increase in standards and expectations.

Whilst there are many measures for quality, it is true that consumers buy with their eyes first; a clear and attractive presentation of the product is essential. Rijk Zwaan consistently selects varieties to a very high visual quality standard.
In addition to physical selection characteristics such as high levels of uniformity and minimal defects, other sensory characteristics are evaluated; tomatoes with a deep internal red colour, melons that still tastes great after an extended period in transit.

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