Demotrial; Tomato Trial Centre, CA

1st April - 13th October 2017 Leamington, Canada

Rijk Zwaan’s Trial Centre Tomato in the Canada focuses on the Canadian and North American market, however these markets have many parallels with the Australian market.

Canadian Tomato Demo

This year's Canadian tomato demo trial is open in Leamington, the Netherlands, from the 1st April to the 31st October 2017.

Although the assortment is not as varied or as early as the trial centre in the Netherlands the Canadian trial is never-the-less a good option for those unable to travel to the Netherlands.

Once again we have a large number of both commercial market leading varieties and new introductions on display at our Tomato Demo Centre. We’re keen to hear your feedback on them and look forward to discussing our varieties with you along with the latest developments in the fresh produce value chain.

If you are travelling in Canada and North America and wish to visit the TCT appointments are essential, but can easily be arranged by your local Rijk Zwaan team with sufficient notice.