SWINGMA RZ F1 (30-WC748)

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Swingma RZ is a white cabbage with round heads, weighing between 1.5-3kgs, with a diameter between 15-20cm. Swingma RZ is an excellent variety for the fresh market and is an ideal size for the supermarket crates. It provides the consumer with exceptional value with its dense internal fill and offers the growers flexibility with sound field holding ability. This variety has a harvest maturity range of 70-75 days. Harvesting in southern Australian districts is best suited for late spring, summer and, autumn with potential for year-round production in warmer regions, like Queensland.

Key features:
- Round, white cabbage, 70-75 day maturity
- 1.5-3kg heads and a head diameter of 15-20cm
- Ideal for crate cabbages and supermarkets