TEAMA RZ F1 (30-603)

white | pointed


The pointed cabbage variety, Teama RZ, is a solid offering. It’s easy to grow, and with a mild and sweet taste and unique shape, it’s an exciting addition to the cabbage market. Teama is smaller than traditional cabbages, around 1-2.2kg, with a fresh green colour and good internal fill. The pointed cabbage is efficient to grow because beds can be prepared in the same way as traditional cabbage, but planted at higher densities. In summer, harvest maturity will be around 60 days from transplant and in a Victorian winter it’s around 80 days – about two thirds of the time of traditional cabbage. The variety is also strong against tipburn. Teama’s sweet taste and crunchy texture make it a great single use option and delicious addition to salads.

Key features:
- Pointed white cabbage, 60-80 day maturity
- 1 - 2.2kg heads with a fresh green colour and good internal fill
- Best suited for cool season, but can be used for year round production in most areas