BALCANICA RZ F1 (35-1189)

bullhorn | sweet


Balcanica RZ is a red bullhorn pepper variety, known for producing high quality, large fruits with an average weight of 130-180g and a sweet flavour. The plant is strong and vigorous with an equally reliable root system, and a good ability to set in both cool and hot conditions ensure high production levels year round, in protected environments for spring and summer and open field for summer and autumn. Due to heavy fruitload and high productivity, Balcanica RZ requires trellising and crop support.

Key features:
- Red bullhorn pepper, afw 170g
- Compact and open generative plant that sets well in both hot and cold, giving consistently high quality fruit
- Suitable for spring and summer protected production, and summer and autumn field trellis production


PVY:0,1,1.2/Tm:0-2/Xcv:1-3 TSWV:0