dulce italiano | sweet


Sweet Palermo® is the name for a range of selected sweet pointed capsicum varieties bred by Rijk Zwaan. They are easily recognisable thanks to their striking, twisted appearance. Suitable for unheated and heated production, the vigorous open plant produces fruit with a thin skin, fewer seeds and an excellent shelf life. The average fruit weight is around 120g. Sweet Palermo is yet to reach its full potential as consumers are still discovering the hot and cold dish versatility of this capsicum, as well as its incredibly sweet flavour. While most standard sweet, pointed capsicums have a maximum brix value of 7, Sweet Palermo can achieve a 9. Sweet Palermo is available in red, yellow, and orange.

Key features:
- Orange variety from the Sweet Palermo® concept
- Open plants have medium vigour and a generative habit
- Suitable for heated greenhouse crops, and short cycle unheated and protected crops in summer


PVY:0,1,1.2/Tm:0-2 TSWV:0