EXAM RZ (79-10) Knox™

Salanova® | incised leaf


Salanova® is the name that stands for a range of fresh lettuce each providing hundreds of delicious baby-sized leaves with just one cut. As one of the signature varieties in most salad leaf blends, Exam RZ is a mid-green crispy leaf with excellent yield and high recovery. One of the first varieties released with Knox™, a naturally occurring trait which helps improve the shelf life by delaying the browning of cut surfaces, Exam RZ is an exceptional variety suitable for harvesting year round in most areas.

Key features:
- Mid-green Salanova® crisp from the Knox™ range; delayed pinking offers improved shelf life
- Excellent yield and recovery for processing
- Year round production in most areas


Bl:16-34,36EU/Nr:0 LMV:1/Fol:1