EXANIMO RZ (79-IN1600) Knox™

Salanova® | incised leaf


New Salanova® green crisp variety, Exanimo RZ Knox™ is a welcome addition to our range. Consistently high yielding in our trials, this variety with its shiny green, deeply incised leaves and attractive frill at the top with a slight curl in the leaf that adds strength and durability for processing is the next generation in variety development. Suitable for harvesting all year, this Salanova® variety comes with the added value of the naturally occurring Knox™ trait which can delay the browning of cut surfaces by days. Simply a beautiful green leaf for the salad mix.

Key features:
- Next generation green Salanova® crisp
- Petiole is more concave, contributing to robustness and high yield potential.
- Suitable for year round harvesting in most areas


Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1