EXONIC RZ (79-IN1888) Knox™

Salanova® | incised leaf


Exonic RZ is the total package: among its many notable features, like having the delayed pinking Knox™ trait and Salanova® advantage of separating into numerous leaves with a single cut, Exonic RZ is up-to-date with the latest downy mildew resistances. The high yielding incised lettuce is suited to year round production in Australia. It’s slow bolting, strong against tipburn with enough vigour for the winter and well suited for mechanical harvesting.The apple green coloured leaves are softer on the palate yet hold their 3D structure very well.

Key features:
- Dark shiny green crisp leaves
- Resistant to downy mildew
- Slow bolting
- All year round production


Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1