EXTEMP RZ (79-36)

Salanova® | incised leaf sweet crisp frisée


Thriving in warm conditions, Extemp RZ, a green incised leaf lettuce of the Salanova® crispy type, offers resistance to the latest downy mildew. It is very well suited for high density hydroponic production and outdoor and indoor production in summer at normal density. It is slow bolting, high yielding and has excellent field holding ability. Extemp’s compact and uniform shape means growers will not only get a lot of leaves of the same shape when cut, which can reduce lost yield during processing, but consumers can enjoy robust and forkable sized leaves.

Key features:
- Resistant to the current threat of downy mildew
- Hydroponic and summer production
- Uniform leaves


Bl:16-32,34,36EU/Nr:0 LMV:1