GIBBARD RZ (79-ML1112)

Salanova® | multi-leaf butterhead


Gibbard RZ complements the Rijk Zwaan multi-leaf lettuce portfolio. Among its advantages, Gibbard includes the most up-to-date downy mildew resistances and is especially strong against double heading, and can be grown in hydroponic or outdoor production all year round. The variety is high yielding and has a pleasing plant habit, sitting upright and enabling an easy harvest. Gibbard is part of our Salanova® range, which means the lettuce separates into numerous small leaves with a single cut. With its beautiful emerald green leaves and versatile nature, Gibbard is a sound offering for salad leaf growers and consumers.

Key features:
- New generation Salanova® green butter leaf
- Upright plant habit
- Strong against double heading




Rob Philip, Victorian Account Manager for Rijk Zwaan, talks about Gibbard RZ from the trial fields at Bacchus Marsh, May 2021.