Guayabita RZ is vigorous and fast filling internally and achieving a good and consistent size in winter is very achievable. Slotting in to the baby crunchy Cos segment, Guayabita can be sold as double packs or in boxes, and because the product is agronomically sound, its also an option for loose leaf.
The consistently coloured, light green leaves pack a real crunch and with their scooped shape, consumers will love being able to load salad or protein onto a sweet ‘edible spoon’ for canapés.
Guayabita is a complementary variety to Tendita RZ, the slow bolting variety for summer, since it’s better suited for the cooler growing season. Featuring both in your portfolio would offer reliable produce year round.

Key features:
- Outdoor production in cool season
- Vigorous and quick filling
- Versatile packaging