SEURAT RZ (79-107)

Salanova® | multi-leaf butterhead


Seurat RZ is a reliable red butter multileaf lettuce which includes up-to-date downy mildew resistances. The heads have an upright growing habit and are slow bolting. Seurat RZ is recommended for outdoor summer production, high-density machine harvesting as Teenleaf, and hydroponics. It has an attractive triple red colour with a strong contrast from red to green to yellow, offering the best contrast of all lettuces in our portfolio.
Seurat RZ is a member of the Salanova® family; with just one cut at the base, the lettuce separates into numerous tasty, ready-to-eat, evenly proportioned leaves, which is an advantage for consumers, chefs and the fresh-cut industry alike. Seurat has a soft buttery texture and exceptional fresh flavour.

Key features:
- Summer production
- Attractive colour contrast
- Up-to-date downy mildew resistances