STRONEX RZ (79-IN5408) Knox™

Salanova® | incised leaf


Stronex RZ is a double red incised leaf lettuce of the Salanova® Crispy type with the added benefit of Knox™, a trait that delays oxidation of cut surfaces in lettuce. This variety is high yielding and will grow quickly anywhere in Australia, all year around. Its plant habit sits high off the ground, reducing the potential for ground rot. Stronex has a high resistance to Bremia and LMV.
The rich double red is an attractive lettuce with a strong contrast between the green and red in the leaf. This variety shows late would induced discolouration of leaf after processing. Being a Salanova® lettuce, the lettuce separate into numerous smaller leaves when cut. Consumers will love this variety with its special flavour profile of nutty, verging on sweet, tasting leaves.

Key features:
- Year round production
- Sits high off the ground
- Nutty, sweet tasting leaves


Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb LMV:1


Param Turna, Victorian Account Manager for Rijk Zwaan, talks about Stronex RZ from the trial fields at Bacchus Marsh, May 2021.