VESPUCCI RZ (79-ML3725) Knox™

Salanova® | multi leaf oak leaf


79-ML3725 RZ is an upright shiny green multi oakleaf type suitable for year round production in Australia. In addition to carrying the anti-pinking Knox™ trait and Salanova® characteristic that separates lettuces into numerous small leaves with a single cut, 79-ML3725 RZ also provides the most up-to-date resistances to downy mildew in lettuce.
Featuring a fine lobed leaf, 79-ML3725 is very suitable for mechanical harvest. Growers will enjoy its uniformity and favourable plant habit while consumers will be attracted to its shiny green, soft oak leaves that are perfect in a salad mix.

Key features:
- Year round production
- Up-to-date downy mildew resistances
- Mechanical harvest


Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1