RICURA RZ F1 (34-112)

croc melon (piel de sapo)


After the successful introduction to the Australian market, the Spanish Piel de Sapo melon has impressed the chain with high yields and fruit numbers and excellent transportability and storability. At an average of 2kg, the variety is smaller fruited to meet market demands for convenient sized melons. The distinct ripening indicators of a yellow gold spot at the stem and a net of longitudinal cracks develop on the rind means a better tasting melon and a more consistent experience for consumers. Ricura has excellent consistent internal qualities with good flavour, high sugar levels and long shelf life.

Key features:
- Piel de Sapo melon
- Excellent and consistent internal qualities with good flavour, sugar levels, long shelf life
- Ideal fruit size for the Australian market
- afw 1.5 - 2.0kg


MNSV/Fom:0,1 Gc (ex Ec):1/Px (ex Sf):2, 5