SUZUKA RZ F1 (61-081)

solanaceuos rootstock (tomato & eggplant)


When exceptional vigour is required, but you want to be able to steer your crop: Suzuka RZ is the perfect rootstock. The very high level of vigour gives performance from the first truss to the last, which in combination with incredibly uniform fruit size and shape is allowing crops to reach their optimal yield potential. Suzuka RZ has quickly become an important rootstock in high-tech tomato crops globally.

Key features:
- Very high vigour rootstock
- Strong generative balance allows for use with more vegetative scions or in difficult high light plantings, whilst still delivering long term vigour for the end of the crop


ToMV:0-2/Fol:0,1/For/Pl/Va:0/Vd:0 Ma/Mi/Mj