CYPRY RZ F1 (72-019)

roma | loose


Cypry RZ will brighten your day with a vibrant orange colour, and a flavour that tantalises your tastebuds. Part of Rijk Zwaan’s Snack Tomato Medley, purpose bred to perform in a shared environment; Cypry RZ has its own distinct individual flavour and texture with a fantastic lemonade flavour that evokes memories of summer. Sold individually or as a set in 100 & 1000 seed pack sizes.

Key features:
- Vibrant orange fruit, with an AFW around 10 – 15g
- Distinct lemonade flavour, strong against splitting with a long shelf life
- Compatible for growing with other varieties in the Snack Tomato Medley (Blenny RZ; Chromis RZ; Gourami RZ; Rasbora RZ)


ToMV:0-2/Fol:0/For Sbl/Ma/Mi/Mj