FARBINI RZ F1 (72-188)

roma | loose


The striking orange colour of Farbini RZ makes it an attractive addition to the tomato range, both as a single fruit pack and in popular medley mixes. Not only is the colour distinctive, but the mini ‘San Marzano’ type offers a delicious sweet flavour. Suitable for both heated and unheated greenhouse production, Farbini crops are strong and open and yield exceptionally well. With an average fruit weight of 20g, Farbini is an exciting option for snacking with fruits that are tasty and uniform in shape.

Key features:
- Orange mini San Marzano for loose harvest, afw 20g
- Very productive, strong open crop, good shape and unique flavour
- Suitable for heated and unheated greenhouse production


ToMV:0-2/Fol:0/For Ma/Mi/Mj