KAWAGUCHI RZ F1 (72-541)

beefsteak (slicer) | loose


Kawaguchi RZ is a trip down memory lane; its exceptional taste reminding consumers of the tomatoes Grandad used to grow. The fruit has a consistently high Brix and blushes to an appealing pinkie-red at maturity. Kawaguchi RZ is firm-fleshed with a good shelf life. The crop is generative, sets excellently, is strong against blossom end rot, and is early to harvest.

Key features:
- A medium beef tomato; afw 160-190g.
- Generative crop with good setting.
- Very good flavour, firmness, and shelf life.
- Best suited to heated greenhouse crops.


ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/For Sbl/Ma/Mi/Mj