KIVU RZ F1 (72-629)

beefsteak (slicer) | loose


Setting a new standard in large beef tomatoes, Kivu RZ is adaptable and able to fulfil several different target markets by changing how it is grown.
The multi-locular fruit are firm and have good shelf life, and at lower populations when truss pruned to four fruit Kivu RZ typically produces large fruit with an AFW of 250-270g.
However, due to a combination of good vigour, strongly generative flowering ability, and exceptional setting it is possible to manipulate the fruit load and achieve AFW as low as 175-185g by increasing the plant population, and carrying more fruit per plant.
The crop is easy to grow with a balanced and labour friendly habit and strong resistance package.

Key features:
- A new standard in beef tomatoes, very high yield potential
- labour friendly balanced generative crop that sets exceptionally well, high quality firm multi-locular fruit
- Suitable for heated greenhouse crops


ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/For/Va:0/Vd:0 On (ex Ol)