REDDERY RZ F1 (72-008)

cherry | truss


Reddery RZ is a cherry tomato that delivers premium-flavoured fruit, but does not disappoint on yield. Suitable for harvesting both on the vine and loose, Reddery RZ is exceptionally strong against cracking which means that fruit can be fully mature at harvest with no fear of splitting. A long shelflife means a decrease in in-store wastage but has no negative impact on the flavour or the eating experience. With a premium flavour and great yields, Reddery RZ delivers more bang for your buck.

Key features:
- Premium cherry tomato for truss and loose harvest, afw 10-13g
- High yield potential. Exceptional fruit quality with deep red colour, outstanding flavour, and a crunchy bite. Strong against cracking with exceptional shelflife.
- Suitable for heated greenhouse crops


ToMV:0-2/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/Si Ma/Mi/Mj