Already commonplace in some regions of the world, hydroponics is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons

Soilless growing

In hydroponic growing systems, plants are fed water enriched nutrients, rather than growing in the soil.

Rijk Zwaan has been working with hydroponic growers for many years. In this time, we have identified and developed varieties suitable for hydroponic growing.

Clean, fresh and environmentally friendly

Taking crops out of the soil means they tend to be cleaner, and the controlled environment means that less pests and disease are present, meaning that fewer chemical interventions are required. 

Hydroponic crops are very efficient - recirculated nutrient solution means that little water or nutrient is lost to the soil, and having a smaller footprint means they can be grown near high-density population centres - with modern facilities even in warehouses in the middle of cities!

Living Lettuce

Hydroponic production has seen an increase in lettuce sold with the root ball attached; fresher for longer and ready for consumers to harvest one leaf at a time.

Hydroponic lettuce varieties

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