Delayed browning on cut surfaces of lettuce significantly reduces waste

Award-winning trait

The Knox™ trait is one of the most exciting innovations in vegetable breeding. The development of breathable plastics in the 1980s and the breeding of lettuce types with smaller and more processable leaves drove the continuing evolution of bagged salads. However, oxidation, the pinking on the edges of cut leaves created a major problem for processors and consumers due to its perceived lack of freshness. Following more than a decade of conventional breeding work, Rijk Zwaan developed the Knox trait, which delays the browning of cut surfaces by several days. This is a significant advancement for reducing waste.

Less than a year after its release, Knox was the winner of the 2017 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award. Knox was also awarded the 2018 AUSVEG Innovation Award for Excellence.

Reducing waste and increasing consumption

The whole chain benefits from Knox. Growers will benefit from incremental improvements, and processors and retailers can take advantage of better inventory management, stock control and decreased waste. We know that a positive consumer experience leads to customer loyalty and repeat purchases, so the guarantee of fresher leaves in bagged salad mixes, and longer home processing of whole lettuce, will help to drive consumption.

Knox varieties

Various laboratory tests, as well as large-scale production trials, have proven that Knox extends shelf life by two days. We have already introduced Knox into our lettuce types: Cos, Batavia, Iceberg, Butterhead, Salanova® Crispy and Salanova® Butter. View our Knox range.

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