Love My Salad

We believe vegetables should be the heroes every day. Each member of the Love My Salad community has made a powerful commitment to share the story of vegetables and help add colour to people's plates all around the world as they eat well and feel better.

A community of salad lovers

The platform brings together consumers, influencers and experts, online and in person, to share their passion and ideas within the world of vegetables. We believe when people share fun, joy and vitality through salads, they inspire and excite each other. This is what will bring long-term positive changes in consumer behaviour towards vegetables.

Where we share

We have a vibrant online community. Daily recipe ideas and vege-centric blogs are delivered to nearly 60,000 followers on our tailored Australian and New Zealand Facebook channel. This complements a rich library of vegetable inspiration on the Love My Salad website . Our global audience is connected on Twitter.

To showcase our vegetable heroes and bring salad lovers together in person, Love My Salad facilitates and supports events around the world. These include cooking classes; vege-themed product launches; workshops, industry seminars and more. If you would like to host an event or learn more, please contact us.

Why it’s important for Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan, our partners and Love My Salad are connected by common goals. By increasing the intrinsic value of vegetables, we can stimulate demand for fresher, healthier, tastier and overall better vegetables. Learn more about Love My Salad

Do you share our ambition? Get involved at the Love My Salad website