Lt Defense

Powdery mildew in capsicum crops (Leveillula taurica - Lt) can be a very serious disease

Mildew resistance

The Lt Defense range of varieties bred by Rijk Zwaan have an intermediate level of resistance to Lt.

Whilst resistance can never completely stop a disease, Lt Defense varieties display fewer symptoms and the disease multiplies and spreads a lot slower than in susceptible varieties.

What does this mean for your crop?

Lower disease pressure and a slower spread mean:

  • Fewer chemical interventions
  • less cost and better working conditions
  • more time to react to the first signs sign of mildew
  • better efficacy of chemical  interventions
  • healthier crops and better yields

As a very important disease internationally, Lt is a key focus for Rijk Zwaan's breeders. Whilst more important for Europe, this resistance helps crops and more varieties are with this important resistance are currently in development in Australia.

Lt Defense Varieties

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