A range of smaller fruited melons, Mellissimo opens up new markets for a well kept Spanish secret, the Piel de Sapo melon


Piel de Sapo means “Frog Skin” in Spanish, and whilst the rough mottled rind of these melons closely resembles the amphibian they are named for, it has led some Australian growers to call them "Croc-melons".

The thick rind means that Piel de Sapo possess excellent shelf life and transportability and this tough exterior hides a dense and juicy white flesh that has a refreshing sweet flavour that has to be tried to be believed. 

Smaller Piel de Sapo

In the past, small Piel de Sapo were generally only available at the end of the Spanish season, and the quality of these late harvested smaller fruit could be variable. This is why Rijk Zwaan developed a range of smaller special Piel de Sapo’s under the Mellissimo banner that have the same rich flavour, all packaged into a melon no more than 2kg in weight. A range that enables a year-round supply of compact melons that are uniform and reliable in terms of their flavour, appearance, convenient size and production stability.

Discover a well kept Spanish secret

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