06 May 2020

Four unique melons to enter the market

Following the cancellation of the Australian Melon Conference & Field Day, which was to be held in Western Australia this year, field trials of Rijk Zwaan latest melon varieties continued.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances which sees growers, researchers and representatives from across the vegetable seed industry being unable to attend the event this year, our team of Crop Specialists and local Sales Representatives will contact growers personally to talk about variety choices.

As well as discussing practical insights and information on growing techniques, they will also provide samples of the current best-tasting fruit to try on an individual basis.

Lachlan Grierson, Account manager for Western Australia said Rijk Zwaan has had a ‘Focus On Flavour’ and is currently trialing four unique sweeter melons, Gladial RZ, Ricura RZ, Inthanon RZ and Caribbean Jackpot RZ. 

Gladial RZ is a golden honeydew with smoother skin, while the Spanish piel de sapo melon called Ricura RZ features long shelf-life qualities. Rijk Zwaan also has a very sweet new galia variety called Inthanon RZ, and the newest Rijk Zwaan introduction Caribbean Jackpot RZ is a rockmelon that is also proving to be a strong variety.

Lachlan is particularly happy with the Golden honeydew, Gladial RZ variety. He explains, “Gladial is a variety that offers consistently high brix.  It is also well adapted for Australian conditions. The clear harvest indicators help fruit pickers ensure a premium product is offered to the consumer.” 

Rijk Zwaan Gladial RZ

Caption: Gladial RZ

Trials with Jackpot RZ in Western Australia have proven to be impressive. Lachlan stated “This new and improved harper-style rockmelon is a stronger plant that is consistently delivering on fruit size and numbers with improved netting,”

Tigrinho RZ is more of a compact sized, tiger striped watermelon that also doubles as a pollinator. Over the coming months, Rijk Zwaan will introduce their new rootstock Cobalt RZ, which will be of particular interest to growers who graft their watermelons.

For more information on Rijk Zwaan’s new and commercially tried and tested Rijk Zwaan varieties, or to arrange a meeting with one of our experts, contact Lachlan Grierson on m:0447 256 315 or email l.grierson@rijkzwaan.com.au.