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Events - 12-06-2024

Lockyer Valley Growers’ Expo 2024

Collaborating with Queensland growers to develop year-round, tailored variety programs is a key focus for Rijk Zwaan during this year’s Lockyer Valley Growers’ Expo.

The Expo takes place in Gatton from 14-15 June, featuring variety demonstrations and machinery/technology displays. With more than 500 vegetable and herb varieties from leading seed companies, the expo will have something for every outdoor grower.

Client Manager, Eva Sarosi, is keen to introduce growers to some of Rijk Zwaan’s most outstanding varieties, selected specially for Lockyer Valley and South-East Queensland growers.

The versatile spinach program features the high-yielding Sunangel RZ.

“Sunangel RZ is a high yielding variety with uniform leaves, good shelf life and most importantly, a long production cycle. Sowing in September until May, it covers the shoulder and is very capable of handling the heat. It’s an exciting variety,” Eva said.

Celery growers will be able to see Gimli RZ, a fridge-friendly mini-celery that is part of Rijk Zwaan’s innovative range of smaller vegetables. Gimli RZ is quick to mature, and helps meet retailers’ sustainability goals, requiring less plastic packaging, while flighting food waste.

“In addition to smaller sugarloaf cabbages and personal sized melons, Gimli is the game changing celery that eliminates the need to cut produce in half and then plastic wrap,” Eva said.

“Gimli is looking amazing in the field and is a great complement to our traditional variety and market leader, Kelvin RZ, and promising newcomer, Ceyone RZ.”

Rijk Zwaan boasts an impressive lettuce assortment with many new varieties the award winning Knox™ trait such as Burela RZ an “absolute gem” of a gem lettuce and iceberg game-changer Ticarinas RZ, while their new red and green Salanova® range, make it possible to deliver quality four-leaf lettuce mixes with the added value of Knox™ all year round from Queensland.

“Since we launched Knox™ 15 years ago, we now have a complete lettuce range with varieties that compete with the industry standards, but with the extra benefit of Knox™,” Eva said.

“It delays the oxidisation on the cut surface of the lettuce, which slows down that pinking and browning, and keeps it looking fresher for longer.”

To give attendees an opportunity to witness the power of Knox™, Rijk Zwaan is offering a Knox™ vs No Knox™ showdown – growers will be able to take home comparative varieties to conduct a five-day fridge test.

“Knox™ provides fresher lettuce for consumers and we’re confident that seeing is believing,” Eva said.

Lockyer Valley Growers inc. offers a great program of networking events, encouraging members to strengthen their networks and connect with industry leaders to maximise growth.

Rijk Zwaan is excited to attend the expo and share insights, information and varieties to help Queensland growers to develop year-round, tailored variety programs that meet the needs of growers, retailers and consumers alike.

Eva Sarosi
Eva Sarosi
Account Manager