29 Nov 2017

Rijk Zwaan opens subsidiary in Vietnam

Dutch breeding company, Rijk Zwaan, will open the doors to a new subsidiary in Vietnam from 1 January 2018. Taking over the sales activities from the current local distributor, the establishment will enable Rijk Zwaan to achieve a stronger market position in the region.

Strong position

Rijk Zwaan has been active in Vietnam for more than eight years. Thanks to the efforts of its local distributor, Rijk Zwaan is already a very well-known brand in the protected cultivation sector. It has grown to be a market leader in red and yellow sweet pepper as well as gherkin, and holds a strong position in several other crops such as snack cucumber, indoor tomato, hydroponic lettuce and melon. Rijk Zwaan Vietnam will further build on these foundations and use the structure and systems of parent company Rijk Zwaan to realize the next phase of growth. 

Positive impact

The establishment of Rijk Zwaan Vietnam offers extra opportunities to growers. Jean-Marie Rozec, Country Manager said, “Rijk Zwaan Vietnam will  increase investments in product development for the country and we will be closely involved in variety trials around the world. This will have a positive impact on the assortment that we can offer to our Vietnamese customers and the speed with which we can introduce new varieties.”

Thanks to the international network and experience of Rijk Zwaan, the new subsidiary can also help growers with a wider range of information, such as international trends in cultivation as well as marketing. “In this way we expect to bring Vietnam horticulture to higher levels,” Rozec states.  


The head office of Rijk Zwaan Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Rijk Zwaan will be working in the Lam Dong region, Red River Delta and a Mekong region to guide growers and to further develop the country’s vegetable supply chain.