Meet Salanova® the tasty, one-cut, ready Lettuce!

The versatile, convenient lettuce brand that will crisp up your salad shelf!

Discover the Salanova® brand

All about the leaves

Salanova® is the brand for a range of lettuce. The brand stands for delicious and fresh lettuce which offers extra convenience thanks to the ‘One cut, ready’ principle resulting in numerous baby-sized leaves. The range consists of various lettuce types like Salanova Butter and Crispy. All of these are available in red and green, and have exceptional additional features such as three to four times more leaves than normal lettuce.

One cut ready

With just one cut at the base, it separates into an abundance of evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, baby-sized leaves.

Diverse leaf shapes, colours, flavours, and textures

The flavour and texture range from the soft, subtle tenderness of Salanova Butter to the crunchy bite of Salanova Crispy.

Salanova cutter

A premium salad segment in Australia

Capitalising on the demand for extreme convenience, Rijk Zwaan's Salanova® mixed butter leaf varieties provide a premium solution to the needs of many consumers. Frances Tolson, Account Manager at Rijk Zwaan Australia, tells more about the unique 'one cut, ready' Salanova® lettuce.
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Learn more about Salanova®
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