Salanova lettuce offers tremendous advantages for everyone in the vegetable chain, including processors, retailers and consumers

Lettuce for convenience

Salanova® is the brand name for a range of lettuce that promises tasty and convenient leaves thanks to the ‘one cut ready’ principle. With just one cut at the base, Salanova lettuce separates into multiple evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, baby-sized leaves. A Salanova lettuce has three times more leaves than traditional lettuce. This offers tremendous advantages for everyone in the vegetable chain, including processors, retailers and ultimately consumers.

Uniform and strong

One cut ready is a huge advantage for processors. During mechanical harvesting or in the factory, leaves are cut above the core, resulting in uniform, loose leaves that are immediately ready to be washed and packed. Because of their small size, Salanova leaves are comparable to baby leaves, but they are stronger when mature, have a more pronounced 3D structure and offer a better shelf life plus a higher yield.

A range of colours, shapes and textures

Many different types and colours of Salanova are already available – including Butter, Lollo, Crispy, Batavia and Oak leaf – ensuring a varied choice of shapes, colours and textures, and the Salanova range is continually expanding. Since Salanova lettuce can be grown indoors as well as outdoors, it is possible to supply it all year round. See the Salanova range.

Benefits for the whole chain

Salanova lettuce types offer many advantages:

  • Developed for indoor and outdoor production
  • Suitable for mechanical harvesting, as heads and as loose leaves
  • Diversification in terms of flavour and convenience
  • Exciting new leaf types to add value to the lettuce category
  • Excellent shelf life, as whole head and fresh cut lettuce
  • Time savings thanks to the ‘one cut, ready’ principle and small-sized leaves
  • Available all year round.

The Salanova brand is supported by marketing activities such as a consumer website providing inspiration and tips, and a profile on the social salad network, Love my Salad.

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