Sensational Flavours

Unique or superior flavours can create opportunities to increase market share and drive category growth. Sensational Flavours is a selection of Rijk Zwaan varieties that have been objectively assessed to deliver exceptional taste.

Unique Taste

Flavour is a strong driver of repeat purchase and increasing consumption, so varieties from the Sensational Flavours range deliver first-class taste experience, for instance a tomato with a perfect balance of sweet and sour or an eggplant that absorb less fat during frying.  

Tasty selections

Sensational Flavours varieties need to exhibit a unique or superior flavour. However, standard selection criteria such as harvest security and productivity are not ignored and varieties are always tested to ensure performance at a local level is sufficient to deliver a sustainable product. Varieties are also tested to adapt our range to local taste profiles and flavour preferences.

The taste test

Varieties in this line have been selected by scoring significantly higher than the market standard in terms of taste and based on consumer research, expert panels with biochemical analysis. Rijk Zwaan is determined to extend its range of Sensational varieties.

Try Sensational Flavours for yourself

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