Sensational traditions

Vegetables that capture the essence of tradition and authenticity can invoke deep feelings and nostalgia. Varieties in the Sensational Traditions range honour these traditions, combining local heritage and values with modern-day agronomic requirements.

Tradition and authenticity

In the modern world people are increasingly reaching out to their roots; valuing local and authentic products. Vegetables with their own unique story and preparation methods conjure up connections to a country or a region and “grandmothers’ recipes”. This taps directly into trends toward storytelling and “local for local” and offers local opportunities.

New Traditions

Rijk Zwaan has worked to ‘upgrade’ a range of traditional varieties from various countries to make them suitable to meet modern-day production, disease resistances, and the physical characteristics to withstand the rigours of the supply chain. The added attributes extend the varieties existence in traditional markets, and allow new consumers to experience Sensational traditions.

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