The story of Sue

“I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve been part of company where I can really look after people.”

Sue Millar has worked at Rijk Zwaan Australia for 25 years

Over the course of 25 years, Sue Millar has helped build the successful team that is Rijk Zwaan Australia. From a team of two operating out of a Melbourne city apartment, Sue and her partner Arie Baelde, have been integral to the growth of the company which now employs more than 80 people. Sue’s strong personal and family values and natural ability to nurture people has driven her as the Human Resources Manager.

The people puzzle

“I love recruitment. You meet lots of interesting people and I find it really challenging trying to work out the puzzle of who people are, what drives them and what their qualities and personality characteristics are. I’m incredibly lucky that I’ve been part of company where I can really look after people. Psychology is my background, particularly in welfare, so I have that natural bent to make sure that our people are okay.”

Focus on respect

“The one thing that stands out clearly over the years is the teams we have been able to build by getting recruitment right. Skills and personality have to fit the position, but most importantly, can they be part of our company culture? The one I really focus on as a HR person is ‘respect’. To me that is important in your work, in relationships and in the way you deal with people.”

Our unique company

“It’s been an amazing journey. Rijk Zwaan really is an amazing company and in Australia we’re particularly lucky because we’re a small subsidiary but part of a global, larger organisation. I look at the resources that they are prepared to put into people and that’s really remarkable. I’ve been to Holland on a personal development course and to Barcelona on a business ethics course and having the opportunity to be part of that learning with colleagues from all over the world is really, really special.”

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